Native American Vietnam veteran mocked after getting surrounded by MAGA hat-wearing teens

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A poignant footage of teens mocking a Native American has gone viral. The teens were wearing hats with writing, “Make America Great Again.” This happened at Lincoln Memorial. The poor vet was merely attending an indigenous people march which was happening in Washington D.C. on Friday. During the march he got surrounded by teens. Nathan witnessed that those teens started to mock him. The videos of this incident were shared on the social media. In the video, a young man could be seen standing quite close to Nathan with a weird smile on his face. Nathan played drum and chanted while getting stared by the guy. He didn’t pay much attention to the guy surrounding him.

CNN reported the incident and it shared that the vet had served between 1972 and 1976. He also served as a director of Native Youth Alliance. In addition to this, Nathan also holds an annual meeting of native Americans who had once served the country. A student was present in the rally named Kaya. As Kaya witnessed Nathan being surrounding, she captured those moments in camera. The weird behaviour reportedly started when these teens came across a group of African-Americans who were preaching Bible. The confrontation caused the two groups to shout and call each other by names. The situation became heated and Nathan on witnessing the altercation decided to step into the situation and diffuse it to cooler grounds. He walked into the crowd trying to mitigate the anger until he came across this guy who confronted him. Kaya said that this one kid refused to move and started shouting in Nathan’s face. The other teenagers also surrounded him and started to mock him.

Nathan was later interviewed by CNN and he said that he was scared when this happened. He got surrounded by guys and he wanted to move. However he was failing to escape. According to him he got frightened. The intense situation was later mitigated as a chaperone came forward and scattered the teenagers. Nathan later talked about the comments of teenagers, build that wall as they told him. He got emotional while talking about the mocking attitude of the teenagers. Those teenagers were from the Convington Catholic High School. A spokesperson from their organisation offered an apology after he came to know about the incident. In the statement they apologised for the behavior of the teenagers and their rhetorics regarding the Native Americans. The video has been shared on DailyMail.

Update: The other side of the story has been published. Please, read it here to know the stance of the teenagers.

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