Nasa renames street in the honour of three forgotten African-American female mathematicians

Nasa was lately involved in giving credits to the female mathematicians whose work helped the organisation make significant progress during the 1960s’ space-flight. The struggles and successes of the three women has not been widely known, until now. Nasa has just designated the street outside their headquarters as Hidden Figures. The official twitter account of Nasa announced the decision in a tweet.

The move to rename the street was started by Republican Senator Ted Cruz. He cosponsored a bill to rename the block. The senator mentioned that the name would inspire future generations. He assumed that the name would become a source of inspiration for the young visitors to NASA. The renamed road honours African American mathematicians Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan and Katherine Johnson. These three women are also mentioned in a film directed by Theodore Melfi.

Nasa recruited college-level educated African American women in the 1940s. However, the recruits faced prejudice and discrimination at work. On 20th July, the 50th anniversary of the first moonwalk will be celebrated. A total of 500-plus people have travelled to space and 11% of these people are women. The percentage is pretty low and Nasa has to work on it to include more females in its sphere of visits to space. Nasa has announced that it will send Americans back to the moon by 2024, the astronauts will include a woman to walk on the surface of the moon, as it will be the first thing of its sort.

The naming of the street for sake of African-American ladies is a good step as it will ensure giving them credit for their hard work. The step will also become a beacon of hope for the upcoming female workers of Nasa. It will not only empower the female force of Nasa but also empower females working in other organisations. The CEOs will be motivated to give rights and offer encouragement to their female subordinates.

Welldone Nasa!

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