NASA gets building blocks of ‘essential life’ on Mars – says it’s closer to success

The huge news was expected to be announced by NASA about the newly found results on Mars; these results were later revealed in a conference. Nasa preferred to keep an air of secrecy before the conference.

NASA had earlier refused to give further details of what had been discovered on the neighboring planet. The new research came from the famous Curiosity rover that was placed on the red planet to collect a sample for scientific research, the main reason for its placement on Mars is an attempt to determine whether Mars was ever a home for alien life.

Two days back, The official statement only stated that NASA would hold a press conference regarding ‘new science results from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover’. But, they did not disclose any sort of details on the nature of those results.

Two days back, mere speculations were present. Recently, Nasa has announced that they have found concrete proofs of the essential building block of life on the Mars. Prior to it, Mars rover curiousity was not launched, but today we have more proofs due to this current mission.

But it did state that there will be a number of experts in attendance at the planned conference. From the likes of it, they are researchers who work on kinds of an organic molecule in Mar’s soil and details that might disclose details about Mars strange atmosphere.

Curiosity Rover

Among these people, according to the announcement, Paul Mahaffy, who leads the Solar System Exploration Division at the agency Goddard Space Flight Centre and oversees the examination of samples collected by Curiosity. Scientists in geophysics and atmospheric chemistry were also made to be in attendance.

The important event started at 2 pm eastern. It was shared with the world live on Nasa Television, the agency’s website, and on many other social networks and services such as Twice and video sharing site YouTube.

NASA also requested members of the public to direct queries to them. The way to contact NASA is by using #AskNASA on social media.

After Event Nasa’s Announcement:

NASA presented some new findings, and the science mission directorate spokesperson said the following:
“With these new findings, Mars is telling us to stay the course and keep searching for evidence of life, I’m confident that our ongoing and planned missions will unlock even more breathtaking discoveries on the Red Planet.” – said Thomas Zurbuchen who is an associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

NASA found organic matter on Mars which proved that the building blocks of essential life are present or were present at some part of the time on Mars. These organic materials were 3 billion years old stuck inside the rocks on Mars. The warm gases were found on Mars which could have been related to warm water at some point in time, in the past of Mars.

A sharp seasonal increase of methane has been observed in Mars. The researchers say that they can’t rule out the possibility of an organic source. The researchers and geologists are just curious to find more signs of ancient lives on Mars.

Prior to the Event Chaos:

Prior to the event, people started making speculations ahead of time

Mike Ryals, @MichealRyals, tweeted: ‘Looks like our beloved Mars rover Curiosity has a surprise for us. Could it be evidence of Martians or a fancy rock? Who knows, NASA will announce Thursday.’

One Twitter user, @SteelCat, speculated: ‘This is an interesting but obscure result from Curiosity. Let’s hold a press briefing and embargo it like every press meeting ever.’

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