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Muslim Girl gang who kicked woman & yelled “White B*tch” freed cos judge thinks they don’t drink

Written by Wamiq Ali

Muslim women gang walked free out of court who had attacked a passerby woman after a judge heard they were ‘not used to being drunk’ because of they were Somalian women. The group three sisters and a cousin had allegedly screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they attacked the poor lady.

Miss Page was attacked in the incident. She is 22 years old. After the attack, there was a bald patch left on her head since they girls group had pulled out her hair in the moment of heat. She also suffered some serious injuries on her head, back and arms.

Ambaro, Ayan and Hibo along with their cousin Ifrah Nur had conducted this alleged attack on the passer-by woman. This group was given a sentence period of 5 years.

Judge Robert Brown gave them suspended jail terms after hearing mitigation that as Muslims girls were not used to drinking alcohol. The case was already not much clear, in other statements the white woman with her boyfriend had said something to the group of girls.

After the fight broke out, Ifrah Nur tried to end the mess, she acted like a peace maker. But the boyfriend of Miss Page said something racist, according to Ifrah, which aroused her anger and she started taking part in the fight.

Daily Mail reported the incident as racism driven, but the judge Robert was wise enough to declare it as something not racist. Certain facts were missing and that lead to the suspended sentence of the girls.

Ambaro Maxamed was the one who had shouted ‘white b*tch” and other stupid things, not the whole group was involved in such a behaviour. After she got released she shared her happiness on Twitter. The news media has shown it as something racist which has aroused the anti-Muslim sentiments.

A CCTV footage has been uploaded on youtube by some user, you can watch below:

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