Mum hits daughter with a flip-flop from ridiculously long distance

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Motherhood is all about love and fake-anger. A mother’s best approach is to love her child despite any difference. It’s intrinsic for any mother to show sympathy to its child. It’s said that the first classroom of any child is his own mother and later, the teaching process is carried out by the school. This one mother showed her skills by by throwing her flip flop at her fleeing daughter through an incredibly long distance. The video got shared on the internet and it amazed everyone, as watching a flip flop land accurately at such a large distance was unusual for every viewer. Almost everyone has faced such a wrath of his mother, in one way or the other. Mothers forget the reason behind their rancidness after a short time.

The belligerent daughter argues with her mother and as a result got hit by a flip flop. A traditional item used by a mother to straighten her children. Luckily, an eyewitness was walking past the street and he immediately took out his cellphone to film the incident. The eyewitness recorded an unknown woman who walked out into the street from behind a car. The daughter of the woman was seen running in the street as if she was trying to flee her mother. There was an apparent family row. Later, a few moments after the mother could be seen taking out flip flop to throw towards her daughter. She then launched it at the teenager, around 98 feet away. A man can be heard in the video, as he shouts in joy after watching the mother launches a skilful move. The unidentified man was clearly cheering in joy, and shouting, “Go on, hit her, hit her!

The flip-flop, as if released by a skillful arrow shooter, launches in the air and perfectly hits the daughter between the shoulders. The force was enough to knock off her balance. The young woman out of her surprise falls over in the street. The mother then bursts into laughter. She laughed so hard that she had to take a support of the car which was parked outside. The viral video has obtained 60k likes. Twitter users praised the woman for her skills. The video has been shared by Daily Mail.

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