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Mum crashes car with her baby inside to get ex’s attention

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Human beings are social animal thus they try to gain some attention. The means of getting attention from others can be varied and change from person to person. A woman just crossed the limits of attention seeking syndrome. She wanted to grab the attention of her boyfriend so badly that she crashed her car with a toddler.

A mother is alleged to have crashed the car with a toddler because she wanted to grab the attention of her ex-boyfriend. Breanna Bechtol also threatened her boyfriend of ending her own life. She later drove her car into the pole in an attempt to gain the attention of her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, the car had her two-month-old daughter.

The mother along with her baby girl was taken to the hospital. Both of them are believed to be out of danger. She told the officers in a statement that she did what was needed to be done in order to gain the attention of her boyfriend. She was booked into Pasco County Jail on charges of aggravated child abuse, as reported by The Sun.

The mother is currently being held on a bail of $50,000. The child has been given to the biological father. The custody of the child rests with her father at moment. She said that all she wanted was to gain the attention of her ex-boyfriend. She had no intention to harm the innocent child.

This is a weird case of seeking attention. She wanted to get validation from her boyfriend. Yet, she chose the worst part to fulfill her desires. This news made parents worried. They could not think that a mother could be emotional enough to put her child life at risk. Fortunately, the child is safe in the hospital and she will live.

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