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Multi-million lottery winner wears scream mask for receiving the prize

The world constitutes different kind of people and almost everyone has some affiliations of difference in a way or other. This makes it a beautiful place as every now and then different stories of diversity appear. This one multi-million lottery winner went ahead and received his prize in a scream mask. Indeed this is a unique method to receive the winnings. The man is known as A Campbell received all his winnings from the Supreme Ventures Office in the country’s capital known as Kingston. He wore a scream mask while receiving his lottery prize. It’s believed that the man hid his identity in order to not let people know about his identity. He might have feared that letting everyone know his identity might put his costly prize in jeopardy. Therefore in order to protect his winnings he had to take a necessary stuff, either hide the lottery or hide himself. The first option was not possible as he couldn’t hide the lottery while receiving the prize thus what he did was to hide himself. It’s said that the man waited for almost 50 days before coming forward to collect his prize.

In the above pictures the man can be seen wearing scream mask while receiving his belongings. The man posed for the camera while holding a huge cheque in his hands, however he didn’t take off his mask. This is a smart move keeping in mind that anyone winning a huge sum of money could be targetted by the money hungry people. The images of this man have been largely shared on the social media while the users sharing his pictures claim that he didn’t want that his family might know about the winnings. In this Caribbean country, lottery winners hiding their face while collecting their reward has become a common trend.

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