Mueller Report: Trump tried to oust Mueller to end Russian probe

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The redacted version of the Mueller report has been made public. It reveals some details about the Trump’s behaviour and his efforts to end the Mueller probe. The report shows a potential attempt of Trump to oust the Mueller. It also questions the Trump’s moral values. All these lines collectively mean that the report found some potential in Trump to obstruct the justice. 

According to the report, such efforts made by Trump to oust the Mueller went useless because the person who had the authority to do so didn’t listen to the president. He refused to get under pressure of the President of America. The report absolves Trump of the Russian collusion but at the same time it questions the moral health of Trump. In this grey area, Republicans are calling him a victim of harassment while the Democrats are saying that the president over-stepped and misused his powers.

The report has been released after two years since the time when the investigation had started. At the time, every newspaper was trying to get a bite of the story. Many journalist were sure that Trump had somehow colluded with the government. 

Mueller reports about one dramatic moment on May 17, 2017. This was the time when Mueller was given this task of probing the president. The report tells that Trump dropped in the chair and said that his presidency was now over. However, from that time he decided to take an action and fight back.

Trump, after this probe started, attempted to send a message to then-Attorney General Jess Sessions. According to this message, he requested AG to give a public statement in the favour of Trump. However, the message never got delivered. 

Trump celebrated the release of the report, saying that he won and all those maneuvering against him lost. Trump appeared to be happy after the report claimed that no collusion of Trump was found with Russia.

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