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‘Much remains to be told,’ says Trump’s ex-lawyer on his way to the jail

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Michael Cohen took a parting jibe at the president Trump as he said that he had much to tell the world. He was being taken to the jail when he denounced the president for injustice, lies and xenophobia. He served Trump as his lawyer, and he reported to the US federal prison on Monday to start his jail term.

In the past, Cohen had admired Trump on various occasions. He was ready to take a bullet on behalf of Trump. However, after his arrest, the loyalties got shifted from Trump towards the establishment. Now, he calls Trump as a con man. He had been arrested for arranging hush payments to two women who claimed to have had slept with Trump in the past. On Monday, the media witnessed Cohan being driven in a black SUV for the sake of getting him handed over to the prison guards. As the vehicle stopped, it was approached by law enforcement officials. These officers spoke to the occupants of the car for a long time. After that, the car drove on and went out of the view within some minutes.

After Cohen was taken to the facility, the media took interview of the ex Trump’s lawyer. Cohen knew that this was his only chance to speak to the press before getting inside the prison. Therefore, he attacked the president. Cohen wished not to see Trump on the seat of the president when he comes out of the prison. He further added that there was much to be told and he would be waiting for the right time to share the truth.

Cohen was wearing jeans and sneakers along with a white shirt and a navy blue blazer. Cohen was an important man and fellow of Trump. The relationship went sour when the FBI raided the room of the Cohen as Mueller probe had started against Trump. The information gathered after the raid tightened the noose around Cohen.

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