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Mr Trump’s Walk of Fame Star to be removed by West Hollywood City Council

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Donald Trump has done a lot in his presidency. The recent foreign affairs indulgement he took was with Iran. Trump veered America from the JCPOA which was considered a milestone for Obama’s administration. Iran as a result now faced the worst condition of its economy. The Iranian Ryal is taking a downward spiral.

Trump has also ushered America in an era of Twitter Diplomacy. The recent tirade of Trump in all the caps for Iran is nothing but a version of Twitter Diplomacy. So, above all this, the Hollywood City Council has decided to remove the Trump’s Walk of Fame star.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame features around 2,600 stars from motion pictures to the television and radio. The crocodile hunter Steve Irwin was also awarded this star award earlier this year. However, among the thousands of big names, one wouldn’t be there for much longer. Yes, you guessed it right, Mr Trump’s Walk of Fame Star will no longer be there any more after the decision of Hollywood City Council.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has voted unanimously to issue a removal of Trump’s star. It urges the Los Angeles City Council to permanently remove the star of the current president.
A little background story might help, as over the years, the star has been damaged since it was installed there in 2007. The star has been completely destroyed twice. Recently, in the month of July, a guy named Austin Mikel Clay damaged the star using a pick-axe. Something similar had happened in 2016 when a guy broke the star shortly after Trump got elected as a president.

So, the rivalry with the star is old. Thus, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the council discussed in a meeting the removal of the star. A joint statement was later issued stating that the council thinks Donald Trump doesn’t adhere to the shared beliefs of the council regarding the treatment of women, thus the star has to be removed.

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