Motivational stories to boost up your moral

Inspiring others with your work is one of the best thing you can do for others. There are many people in the world throughout the history who have done that and they still live in memories. These people are both, leaders and even someone living right across the street. You might not know their story during their lifetime but they might have one that you would be motivated by. Following are some of the motivational stories that can make an impact in your life and forge the way to success.

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Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Having two arms and two legs seems to be a very common thing in daily life as we don’t really come across many people with any of them missing. There are certain people who don’t have these gifts, yet they have the heart to do many amazing things that normal people can’t do even with their limbs. Nick Vujicic is one of them and has some really motivational stories. He doesn’t have arms or legs by birth and just has only one small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh. Even all his disabilities don’t stop him to be awesome. He graduated college with double Accounting and Financial Planning and has been a motivational speaker for quite a while. He doesn’t only speak to motivate, but does some amazing stuff. He swims, surfs, plays golf and even soccer with that small foot. Anytime he is asked about his physical appearance, he says that he is happy with all he has. When he can do so many things with so less that he has, why can’t you do things yourself with all you have?

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox

Yet another story of a person with a physical disability. Jessica Cox from Arizona, USA was born without arms naturally. No test of her mother showed any problem but due to some unknown reason, she was born without her arms but had a great courage and heart to not let that stop her from doing what she wanted. Having no arms didn’t stop her at anything. She can write, talk on the phone and even drive with her feet. She is a psychology graduate and also a former dancer and double black belt in Tai Kwon-Do. She took three years instead of the usual six months to complete her lightweight aircraft license, had three flying instructors and practiced 89 hours of flying, becoming the first pilot with no arms. She has the best one among the motivational stories for those who think they are weak especially for girls who might be afraid to do something unusual.

J.K. Rowling


Harry Potter is one of the best novel and movie series you would find for kids and young people. There are a lot of reasons for that and you can get them from anyone who knows the name. The novel series is written by J.K. Rowling who was a single mother on state benefits has transformed herself into a multi-millionaire by the virtue of this series. The inspiring thing about this woman is to try. She claims that the secret of her success is that she could focus on the things that really mattered to her and this particular thing can help you accomplish a lot in life. She was incredible in story-telling and with this book, she has showed the world that you have to try something to get it done and when you give your best, nothing can stop you from reaching the goal.

Group of Birds

You might have read the story of a group of birds captured in a net and then the wise one advising them to freedom in school. If not, you must give it a shot and learn the lesson. The story although very simple is one of the best motivational stories for group of people working together. “Unity is Strength” is a very common lesson and the story shows the power of this phrase too. When there is a group project, the need of the moment is always to work as a team and not put all the work on a single person. The case is many a times opposite but this small story of birds also motivates individuals by showing them that when you put all your efforts in a single direction, you can overcome all the doubts and the hurdles placed in front of you.

Mieko Nagaoka

Mieko Nagaoka

This story is directed to all those who think they can’t swim or do some physical activity either because they are not good enough or have passed their time and don’t have what it takes to compete anymore. Mieko Nagaoka is a centurion in age and recently she took part in 1500m category of Japan Master Swimming Competition and completed the distance in under 1 hour 16 minutes. The distance is not so easy to cover and for someone like me who knows just the basics of swimming, this seems like a hell of distance to cover even at the young age but she did that at 100 and this event marked my target this season and for me, it is ranks at the top of best motivational stories. She started swimming at the age of 80 when most of people give up their life. It shows that it is never too late to start anything and then master it when no one expects you to.

These are only a handful such stories that can motivate you by setting an example in front of your eyes. You would see a lot of people in your neighborhood who have been inspired by stories like these and have accomplished their goals. The need of the hour is not to read these motivational stories and get back to normal life, but to get up, set you goal and start working for it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have something right now, you can get it if you want it.

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