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Mother titled sons as ‘War Soldiers’ on Facebook who were shot dead while burglarising a house

Written by Wamiq Ali

Facebook has a reason, which is freedom of speech and the ability to express opinions without any fear. This mother titled her sons as soldiers who died during burglarising a house. She called them badass and mfs who weren’t afraid of anything.

This robbery took place in the first week of June when two men (the sons of this mother) entered a house where they met with a housemate having a gun. The gunfire exchange took place and another man in his late 50s took a hit. The other details are yet unclear but the robbery and resistance ended in three dead people. Two of which were the lady’s sons.

Now, this lady seriously has some attitude issues, it’s worth admitting that she raised a couple of tough boys. But the path which lady deemed as rather attractive and the one walked by soldiers isn’t correct. She is living in an oblivion and the base of society is to help others and create a close mesh rather than depriving them of their assets. These two guys did exactly the same, they tried to deprive some hard working person of his assets and met their fate.

After the tragedy, the lady posted on Facebook, about how brave her sons were!

I leave this on you because the decision of common people is the decision which is worth acting upon. I am no one to judge the lady, maybe she is with deep anger or in some kind of neglect.

Dead Burglars who got shot during a burglary in Fresno

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