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Mother renames her son after tattooist makes gross spelling error

Tattoo making is an art and there is no leverage of performing the said act with sloppiness. A tattoo is permanent and it requires many dollars to get it removed. Different people have different reasons to get a tattoo carved on their bodies. Some get tattoo itched as a reminiscent of some memory while others do it for sake of some fun. Whatsoever, might be the reason, there is obviously no mistake allowed in case of tattoos.

So, one time you’d never expect a spelling mistake is – tattoo carving time. Obviously, the entire tattoo getting experience is ruined if you are unable to get the right thing, especially when it involves spelling.

Unfortunately, a Swedish mother went to get a tattoo carved for her son. The son faced some bad luck and the tattooist carved the wrong spelling of the name. The typo was so evident that the mother had to come up with a solution.

Ergo, rather getting it down, she decided to rename her son. She knew that the removal procedure was painful and also required a lot of money.

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Ms. Sandström heart stopped beating when she noticed the grave error. She was about to get faint. She told the media that she wanted the names of her children tattooed on her and thus she gave the artist their names. When she realized the mistake she returned to the tattoo artist who told her that he could merely offer the refund.

She returned home worried. Later, she and her husband came to the conclusion that the boy must be renamed in accordance with the tattoo. Thus, Ms. Sandström decision to get a sentimental tattoo in the name of her children got ruined. The couple has grown to love Kelvin, their child.

The family has welcomed a third child – they are called the child Freya. This time the mother decided to go under the needle once again. However, more educated from the previous experience, she has decided to check the spellings prior to getting a tattoo. 

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