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Mother refuses to vaccinate her son, state steps in and puts her in jail for the refusal of order

A mother in US state of Michigan has been put into jail for seven days after she refused to act upon the judge’s order of getting her son vaccinated. The court had given its verdict to the mother in favour of vaccination. 

Rebecca Bredow still wouldn’t get her 9-year-old son immunized after agreeing with the father of the child and getting written orders from the court. Michigans parents are legally allowed to skip or delay their children’s vaccinations on basis of personal issues. The ex-husband of the woman has been given temporary custody in order to get the kid the jab.

Bredow and the law to let parents decide on the choice of vaccination became two different things when she agreed with her ex-husband last year to get their kid vaccinated. She had reneged the promise to get their son vaccinated and that hampered her way to act otherwise.

She got sentenced after getting indicted for the contempt of court. The court had ordered her to get her son vaccinated and she flouted the court orders.

The couple got separated in 2008 because of vanishing camaraderie. The judge decided to choose the mother as the caregiver. The court however considered the say of the father as he wanted his son to get vaccinated. The mother too had earlier huddled towards the same decision.

I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don’t believe in,” said the mother. It’s not the first time a parent has been jailed for refusal of child vaccination. 

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