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Mother prisoned for poisoning her child to death, later 2nd-born dies similarly & doctor finds big mistake

Written by Wamiq Ali

A mother got charged with first-degree murder of her kid who died of poisoning. She got a life sentence for her crime. Later, the 2nd born child also died with similar symptoms. This time the doctor tried to find the cause of the death and it was the same cause as of the first child. Doctor researched further and found a huge mistake which led to the mother getting free of the prison.

This is the story of a murder which never happened!

This woman met a guy named David Stallings, a plate engraver by profession. They fell in love and married each other in 1988. In April 1989 they had their first son Ryan. Ryan was being fed on the formula. Once a week he used to vomit the formula and it became a natural thing for the couple, as most babies do. Ryan looked quite normal and healthy.

One day, Ryan was found energy less in his crib. The lips were shut tight and something wasn’t normal about the kid. Worried mother took her to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. Ryan was placed on a respirator.

Doctors weren’t able to diagnose Ryan. The police arrived at the scene and they started questioning the couple. At this point, the couple knew that they were under the suspicion. Later, tests indicated the presence of ethylene glycol in Ryan’s blood.

Police believed that the couple had poisoned their son.

The police started questioning the couple about fights, anything unusual in the home etc. The couple already going through trauma couldn’t face it all. Ryan was then kept in a foster care. The couple wasn’t allowed to bring any eatable to the kid.

During one visit the foster mother had prepared formula 1 for Ryan, she asked the biological mother to feed her, after having the formula 1, that day the same happened to Ryan again. Patti, the biological mother, got arrested because the baby went into critical condition and died. David, the husband, tried getting some money from relatives to fight the case of her wife.

Mother got charged and was given a life sentence for the murder of her child.

After some time, the police found that the mother was 4 months pregnant. A 2nd baby was born and was taken to foster home. This time the same started to happen with D.J. , the 2nd-child, the same conditions were being shown by the baby which once had happened to Ryan.

The similarity of conditions between the two kids was never brought to the court because no scientific evidence or correlation was there to support the mother’s case.

Some days later, D.J. was diagnosed at St. Louis Children’s Hospital of suffering from MMA. A disorder in which the body isn’t able to break down proteins properly. The doctor thought, what if the same was the case with Ryan? The symptoms which Ryan showed were same as of the D.J.

Upon the reopening of the case, it was found that the lab reports of ethylene glycol in the blood of Ryan were false. The lab had done some mistake. It was informed to the prosecutor which asked for more detailed proofs.

Later, more research found that the Ryan and D.J. suffered from the same disease, MMA, which was biologically induced. After serving 14 months in the prison, the Patty, biological mother of both was finally free to take a breath in the open air.

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