Mother justifies drugs usage in a Facebook post, says “It doesn’t matter if you’ve kids”

Written by Wamiq Ali

I don’t know what kind of creep this mother is, but definitely, she can’t be a good mother. One has to define some rules, we can’t move fluid in all the directions. There has to be some sort of boundary defined for both goodness and evilness. This mother on Facebook justified the drug usage if one has kids. She said that it doesn’t matter to the kids because you are living your own free life. She thinks that having kids doesn’t mean giving up on fun things.

The comments made on her public post actually tried to give her some sense. Someone said that doing those things around the children is one terrible mistake.

Mother justifies drugs usage in a Facebook post

We are now into Facebook creeps, let’s give you some more examples of similar creepy posts.

Needs some donations

This guy needs some donations because he thinks it’s his moral duty to get his girlfriend tested because she can be her sister.

They see me rolling, they hating. Credits: reddit/u/threeearlystories

This kid is surely in some deep trouble. One big bump and he might face the worst accident of his life. We hope that he had a safe journey that day with his guardian.

The girl thinks herself macho, credits: reddit/u/imnotacrazyperson

This high school girl thinks that she has done something amazing and she is above the society, well I’m not being judgemental here but I’m merely taking from my own experience, LOL.

Credits: reddit/u/Legoman7409

I mean which son wears such stuff and then considers posing with his mom. My mom would have kicked me millions of miles away if I had worn something like this while posing for a picture with her.

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