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Mother finds about her bully daughter, comes up with unique punishment

Written by Logical Men

Bullying is a huge problem, it scars a person for whole life. Special campaigns to end bullying are offered in almost every state but despite that, it seems to be a persistent problem and the campaigns show a little result.

A mother countered this problem in a unique way. Thus she decided to end the bad habit. Her method may seem extreme to the most of people. But according to her, the technique is effective. She got a report about her daughter named Hannah. She was made aware of her bullying at school. Instead of going through a traditional method she went on a different path. She took all of the stuff out of her daughter’s room to replicate the atmosphere of a jail cell. She also made her daughter wear a shirt with an anti-bullying statement on it for many days. She called the modern techniques of disciplining the child way too easy.

Hannah to get things back one by one!

She went far enough to call her daughter ‘a**hole’ and showed no regret. She also gave her a way to earn her things back. Hannah will be able to earn her things back one by one. For a seven days a week Hannah is required to write each of the following lines 50 times.

‘I will not lie.
I will be kind to everyone.
I will behave at school.’

And most importantly of all: ‘I am my own person and I make my own choices.’

Reason being, she tried avoiding responsibility by trying to shift the blame toward a friend of her, which made it even worse.

Many people took it to social media to share their thoughts while sitting behind their screens. Some came out to support the mother’s decision of strict punishment. They also shared their horrible experiences with bullying and how it scared them for the rest of their lives. While some condemned the action straight forward, calling it extreme.

Every child is different and requires specific ways to be able to understand good from bad. Just like that, there is no universal solution to bullying.

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