Mother files federal lawsuit after son doesn’t make varsity team

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Parents are quite concerned about the success of their children. This mother is one of those parents who love to help their kid in every walk of life. She tried to sue the school which didn’t allow her kid to play soccer on the high school Junior Varsity team. The U.S. District Judge John Ross denied her request which was made in the Ladue School District.

The mother didn’t think for a second before taking her case to the federal courthouse. The boy of this woman named John Doe couldn’t make to the varsity soccer team and was not given permission to play on the J.V. team by the school’s administration.

The attorney of the woman was interviewed. He told Fox2Now that the kid was discriminated on the basis of race and gender. The officials of the school had announced that if a junior doesn’t make the varsity team, the boy can’t play again on the junior varisty team. According to the school this measure was taken to allow the lower grade students get a chance to develop their skills.

The mother of the kid who moved her case to the federal court thought that this was not fair. She was of the opinion that as her son had already played with the J.V soccer team thus he was more than eligible to be into the varsity soccer team. The coach had sent an email to the mother telling her that the boy was not going to make to the soccer team. He wrote that the boy had holes in his skills hence he couldn’t be allowed to be a part of the team.

The family moved the appeal to the court. The court decided that the complaint was unsubstantiated. The testimony of the coach in the courtroom indicated that seven kids who were dropped from the team had no good skills. The coach said that the reason he said nice things about John Doe was to give him a boost.

In the court room it was revealed that the school had no solid policy to keep the juniors in the varsity team. Hence the case was denied.

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