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Mother can’t find out why her Instagram photo is getting a lot of hate

The Internet has a dark side and a bright side, both are made by the people using it. They say that the internet is a trash place to be but I guess it’s us who make the internet. The way we use things define us and the things, so it’s a two-way process.This mother posted something trashy on the Instagram and got a lot of hate, but

This mother posted something trashy on the Instagram and got a lot of hate, but still, she wasn’t able to comprehend the reason for all the hate. Pictures like this help me lose faith in the humanity, I mean what mother will give a slight taste of smoking to her child? The decision rests upon you!

She is even clearing her conscience by stating that the baby didn’t inhale the smoke.

As we are discussing some major trash findings on the internet, then lets pull off this topic a little longer and let us share some more instances.

Now, look at this girl who is barely 15 and wants to get a man and some tattoos. At this age, I think we are barely mature.

This guy got punched and made a statement about Confederate flag thinking that the one who punched him needed to learn the history. While he himself used the N’ word inside his post.

And yes, don’t forget to share a happy mother’s day message when you are barely 14.

And below ladies and gentleman is the world’s best excuse to kill someone and not even let the passers-by know the reality.

A typical girl ranting about her baby’s Dad. She seeks advice on Facebook about how to get him back while she hooks up with him once a month merely.

The girls can’t be understood, the below picture is a live show of the statement.

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