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Mother calls for a ban of “childless women” at Disney World, terms millennials as immature

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A new rant of a woman has surfaced on the internet, according to which she has demanded a ban on the ‘childless women.’ The rant was initially shared back in 2018 but now it has re-emerged. A controversial compilation of the woman who seeks to ban the childless women at Disney World has been picked up once again after it was shared on Reddit.

The Orlando-based theme park is visited by 52 million people and the visitors are not restricted to merely children and parents. A couple of days back, writer Jennifer Kathleen mentioned the rant of the mother on Twitter. The tweet provided an impetus to the controversy and it started to get retweets. Since then the tweet has been retweeted for 15,000 times. As a result, it started to circulate on the internet.

The post was first made by the mother on Facebook, recently it was quoted by a female millennial on Twitter.

The women who ranted her point of view was mother-driven as she complained of Disney Administration making mothers wait in normal queues along with the ‘childless women’. In her rant, she had proposed that the mothers should be awarded separate queues in order to help them enter Disney World on preferential treatment. In a way she wanted opportunities for the mothers to jump the queue.

The social media users were not affected by the tirade of the women, they were assertive to keep visiting Disney World. It appeared that the woman was angry over a female wearing shorts who had Mickey Mouse pretzel in her hands. The mother wanted to get one for her child but the queue was pretty long. There was another group of people who argued that the woman should not have brought her three year old son, to the DW. Some of those people suggested that the absolute earliest age of a child in which they brought their child to DW was 5 years. Others gave a varied account of their children age ranging from 5 years to 10 years.

What are your views regarding the matter?

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