Mother banned from having visitors hits back at neighbours who accused her of throwing noisy parties

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A mother was banned from having visitors at her home because her neighbours had complained against her for hosting noisy parties. The Hull City Council of UK had issued a notice in the name of Kelly Barraclough as she had been warned to stay away from hosting any parties and allowing any visitors at her home. The notice happened to be pretty clear about the ban, as it asked her to not allow visitors in her house.

The residents of the locality had claimed that Barraclough used to host parties till the early hours of the morning with attendees screaming at their loudest. Miss Barraclough on the contrary had said that her neighbours were making up the entire story. She claimed that her parties were not as noisy as described by her neighbours. She claimed it as a smear campaign against her lifestyle and personality.

I know what they’ve all been making out. I had parties but they were at Christmas time – everyone has parties at Christmas.

Miss Barraclough said in an interview given to Daily Mail that her gatherings were usually arranged on important events like Christmas; other than that the woman said that she never arranged any party except asking guests to come and have a peaceful gathering. 

I’m certainly not the first person around here that has been a victim of one neighbour’s complaints. I’m the victim in this sense and part of a wider campaign and there are six or seven other residents who have also been victims.

In the interview, Miss Barraclough said that she wasn’t the only one who was accused for having boisterous parties, in fact in the past there were other neighbours who had to face similar allegations by a few people living in the society. She claimed that the same people were running a smearing campaign against her.

The woman is facing a closure notice in UK, it means that she wouldn’t be able to see any guests at her home until the order of closure is raised by the concerned city council. In the interview, Miss Barraclough also claimed that someone was playing monkey with her house as well.

I came back from somewhere and someone had smashed my window and got in through my back door. It’s just vandalism.

She said that otherwise she would have left her house, but she was retaining the house because it was easier for her son to come back at that place instead of going any farther. According to Daily Mail, The order will remain in place for three months until September 20 and breaching it is a criminal offence.

Picture: Hull Daily Mail / MEN Media

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