Mother asks for help to trick good guy into paying child support

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Financial capacity and economics are two important things for materialistic people. Life has so much to offer beyond being materialistic; however, the other aspects of life are often left unexplored. Relations, emotions and righteousness are often left behind while attempting to walk up the ladder of socio-economic classes.

A mother went viral on Yahoo Answers, a website dedicated to seek other opinions after she asked question to help her frame a guy into paying child support. Now, this sounds unethical as well as stupid. We’ll pass you through the question as well as the answers. A screenshot of the question was later shared on the social media website Reddit and soon it went viral garnering more than 50k upvotes. On Reddit, upvotes are equivalent to likes on Facebook.

A question appeared on ask-for-help website Yahoo Answers! It garnered attention on the social media quite quickly

The female in question asked for a legal remedy to frame a nice guy who helped her baby sit her child. The court being a third branch of the state happens to have great powers. A verdict from court is taken both legal and binding; therefore, the woman in question was seeking a way to move court in her favour for supporting her kid.

Definitely, child support is a mechanism which has been created for the well being of the dependant children who are young enough to take care of their finance. It is a way to keep parents liable to their children. Even after a separation, the parents are bound to support their child till the age of eighteen. It’s a great way to ensure the mental well being of a child.

One guy with username redflagdealsguy mentioned in his comment a new term known as ”cycling”, a period after with a man just leaves to date a single mother, just in case to avoid any legal law suit.

redflagdealsguy mentioned a growing concern of the bread winners who want to avoid getting trap in a frivolous child-support lawsuit

The above remarks were mentioned on Reddit and the question was asked by a single mother in Yahoo Answers. Someone took a screenshot of the original question and uploaded it on Reddit to seek comments of the fellow Redditors on the matter. The above comment started a new controversy with everyone attempting to prove that suit-n-tie job often has nothing like the redflagdealsguy mentioned in his comment.

Beyond people criticising the woman for asking a stupid question with immoral results, there were more resonating comments like, one suggested one should always be specific of his actions and goals. He suggested that someone sane should always weigh both the negative and positive points of any relation, just to remain safe from being sorry later.

Child support is a sensitive subject. Obviously well being of a human kid depends upon this support program which is funded by the fatherly figure. Therefore, the verdict of court in the case of a suit varies from situation to situation and the concerned judge is the best judge.

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