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Moron sovereign citizen thinks she’s above law, claims “Crime happens only when someone is injured”

Written by Wamiq Ali

Crime happens only when someone is injured,” a nice definition of crime presented by this lady stopped by some officers. The lady was first asked to stop the car because she had a broken backlight. She was then asked to produce the license but since she was educated in law from the internet, so she refused to give her license to the officer. Instead, she decided to get into a brawl.

So officer B. Parker stopped the car and asked the lady to give him the license. The lady reverse questioned about the crime which she had just committed. The officer told her that her car had no working backlights. She chose to not give him her license, told him that traffic infractions are not considered a crime. The lady surely did a mistake here, traffic infractions are to be fined and the officer would have done same after checking her license. But since she was refusing to give her license to the officer, this was an actual crime.

Unless there isn’t a crime committed officer, I’m not showing my ID,” was the response of the lady. She asked, “Is there an injured party? Where is the corpus delicti?” She further added that a crime is not a crime unless there is an injured party. The officer wasn’t asking for all these things. He wasn’t seeking a court hearing. He knew that having no working backlights is a crime and the lady must be ticketed for it, but she wasn’t ready to listen.

Later, the backup was called and a lady officer was produced at the scene too. The incoming backup repeatedly asked the lady to roll down the window and produce the license. Unfortunately, after failed attempts to put some sense in the lady, the cops had to crush down the window. She got arrested!

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