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Monster mum starves & home locks 3 children until 16yo suffers heart attack & leaves world

Written by Wamiq Ali

A cruel mum became the last nail in the coffin for the death of her 16yo innocent daughter. She starved her three adopted children and locked them up the home closed in a filthy bedroom. The kids were asking for food as they were starving but the mum didn’t have any mercy to offer to the poor children.

Nicole Fin, 43-year-old, starved her kids until a 16yo girl received a heart stroke because of the sheer atrocities. Th innocent kid died instantly and the story became a headline in the major news journals. She locked the siblings in a filthy bedroom and refused to feed them anything despite their desperate pleas.

The couple involved in offence

When the couple found that the kids were escaping out of the room secretly to beg for food and other supplies, they boarded it up. Eventually one of the siblings, Natalie, 16yo girl, became so weak that she could barely stand up and walk. In the court proceeding when the brother Jade of the girl was inquired about the incident he told the entire incident.

Since you’re not going to get up, I’m not going to feed you. – told the mother to the 16yo girl who could barely stand up because of the massive weakness she entailed due ot loss of weight

The girl later died because of cardiac arrest which happened because of massive starvation which she endured.

This wasn’t enough for the monster mum, instead, she waited for minutes before calling 911 for asking emergency services to come and save her daughter. The paramedics arrived at the house of horror and found the filthy room where the children were locked. They found the girl dead on the floor wearing an adult nappy.

According to the post-mortem report, she had no fat left in her body which caused her death. The other siblings were also found in a malnourished situation. 

Home where Natalie was found dead!

The children used to drink water from the toilet. Nicole Finn is to face three life sentences in jail on Friday. The husband of her is going to face a separate trial for child neglect.

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