Monster 5-meter long shark lunges at the camera of the photographer

A strange and terrible moment has been captured on the camera from the wild life beneath the surface of the ocean. A wild 5-meter long shark lunged at the camera of the photographer. The footage of the shark was captured as it lunged at the cameraman and later it was shared with the internet. It got viral as people were not expecting such a ferocious action by the shark. These cameramen are often trained to cope with any situation of such a danger. However, based on this experience the cameraman could merely say Holy Shi*****t. The commercial diver Luke Thom, 26yo, caught this amazing moment as he was dangling over a shark cage in Neptune islands. These islands are off the coast of South Australia. The amazing pictures show the ferocious 1360 kg shark lunging at the photographer. The shark had razor-sharp teeth as it tried to bite the corner of the metal cage.

The photographer said the he was inspired by a friend. This fearless friend of the photographer insisted him to get closer to the one tonne beast. Mr Thom, the cameraman was accompanying Andrew Fox. He captured these images as the shark got closer Andrew Fox.

I was watching Andrew Fox taking these incredible photos of great white sharks so I thought I’d try to get a shot of him getting his photo because of how close he gets to them with the fish-eye camera. (said the photographer accompanying Andrew

The photographer who captures these photos said that one doesn’t need to look at the pictures in order to imagine what happened that day. He added that looking at the pictures was enough to get an idea of the entire incident. The sharks are pretty incredible as the often need protection and minimum human impact. They are not comfortable with the humans being near them. These waters around the Neptune islands are simply popular for their shark sighting. The Neptunes compromise two pairs of islands which are known as North and South. There are even male white sharks of around five meters long which are present in this area for around a year.

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