Monitoring Sent Messages & Used Internet Data Bucket at Android

We are often subscribed to some kind of monthly or daily SMS (Short Messaging Service) packages. At the same time we often use the metered internet data buckets also. We wish to measure every on going message via smartphone and also we wish to measure every byte or MB’s of internet data transferred by our phone. So that we may not be notified at the very end when we have lost all the data bucket as well as SMS (Short Messaging Service) bucket.

Organizing the available messages quota and internet data bucket more efficiently on your Android:

You can easily organize you data usage on your smartphone. It can automate the job for you for counting the on going messages as well as internet data used with your smartphone. You don’t need to worry now, most of the times it happens that you ran out of the data buckets and then those cellular networks don’t notify you about your expired package. So, you keep on using the service at regular rates and then you end up with zero balance in case you got pre-paid.

Counting your on Going Messages on smartphone:

SMS counter is a cool application which can help you count your ongoing as well as incoming messages. You can easily get the monthly as well as daily report for your sent and received messages.

SMS Counter - Counting Your On Going and Incoming Messages


Download SMS counter from the Play store and then run the application. It will update the database and will show the count of the total message sent or received  note that count somewhere and then suppose if you got 5000 messages for a month then you can easily count for the available messages by calculation. Like the time when you installed the application you got some message counter and after that when you sent messages that counter increases giving you opportunity to know that how much messages you have sent using your smartphone.

Measuring the data used from your internet data bucket on smartphone:

You can measure the total data used by the applications in your android smartphone. You can also put a limit for your data to be used. You can trigger alarm when the limit is reached i-e the threshold described by you to the My Data Manager. You can also define you monthly  data plan and the available data volume for the month in the application. The application will keep on counting the data used by your smartphone so that you may never go out of the total volume to be used.

It will keep you updated with every MB of volume used over your smartphone and in case of high data usage you can easily control the data usage on daily basis. But you must have this application to monitor how you phone uses data over the internet and where you should stop using mobile internet. The name of the application as described above is My Data Manager which is in fact a very worthy application in case you have a metered data connection on monthly basis. However it’s not of any use if you have unlimited data plan.

Applications Vise Used Internet Data My Data Manager


Download My Data Manager From Play Store

Getting Data Usage in the Notification Panel:

You can get the data usage in the notification panel for the Mobile Data as well as the WiFi data usage with My Data Manager. See the screen shot, I have enabled the monthly data packet limit of 1.5gb and my WiFi plan is unlimited.

Measuring the Mobile Data Used


  • Well iam also an android user, and i always monitor my internet data usage and sent message too but not as you mentioned in the post.

    Thanks a lot for the detailed post.

  • Iam unaware of Measuring the data used from our internet data or in the smartphone. Actually i use internet in the android mobile but never checked any stats.