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Mom’s before and after photos will scare you from tanning too much, if these doesn’t, nothing will

Written by Wamiq Ali

“Stop frying your skin”, warns a mom who uploads her cancer journey on regular basis to alert people about the harsh tanning practices. It’s her mission to help people learn the harmful effects of too much tanning. She now has made a shocking photo gallery which is quite graphic in nature to show her battle with melanoma online. 

Bethany Gambardella-Greenway is hoping that her 350 uploaded photos will be enough to raise awareness among the people. 39-year-old Bethany was diagnosed with desmoplastic melanoma. It’s an aggressive form of skin cancer. She was diagnosed with this acute form of cancer in August 2016 during her first pregnancy.

She had always been a fair skinned individual who had skin freckles. A dark spot appeared on her forehead which she didn’t give much importance as she already had skin freckles. However, it started to get more pronounced over time. Worried with this weird scar appearing on her forehead she went to the doctor and under went biopsy. After the biopsy, she got diagnosed with skin cancer.

I wasn’t surprised by the diagnosis because my mother had melanoma at my age. – said Bethany

She lives in Texas where it’s necessary to wear sun screen because of the sun. The 39-year-old was left disfigured due to her disease and suffering.

A dark scar had appeared

She underwent biopsy

Well, definitely she’s a brave lady who knows how to survive. 18 months after a painful mole appeared. It was biopsy which revealed that it was an aggressive-cancer-form.

The doctors had removed the mole but after learning about cancer they started immunotherapy. They started a quick immunotherapy because cancer had spread.

Warning: Graphic photo of her head after skin grafting (Image shows her head scar after skin grafting, we decided not to embed in the article without a warning)

After the skin grafting and immunotherapy, this brave mom had finally recovered.

My skin was covered in sores and I lost my ability to taste food, my voice was hoarse, says the mom about her experience

She’s encouraging people to wear sunscreen so they don’t have to go through the same experience. She is also against aggressive tanning schemes.

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