Mom who refuses to teach her son to read, faces backlash

Written by Wamiq Ali

Parenthood is something which is quite important for the early development of the child. There is no one in the world who takes care of a newly born child other than parents. Thus it’s safe to assume parents as the first school for children. Later, after they are grown up, life steps in and teaches them new lessons. People are often quick to make opinions and judgement. Something similar happened to this mother who refused to teach her son reading skills.

Many parents often make their kids well aware of reading and writing skills. They do so before the school starts and the reason they do this training is to help their kids standout in the class. The post of a mother went viral after she claimed of not teaching her 5yo son how to read. She wrote clearly in the post that she was not teaching her 5yo son to read. After declaring her stance categorically, she decided to explain the reason for which she had taken such a bold decision. She wrote that everyone reads books at some stage in life. Kids read stories as they enjoy getting all those amazing heroic details of their favourite character. She wrote that she knew the importance of story reading but she showed reservations on her kid reading books. She wrote that it was too early for her kid as he is learning other things. She further added that the kid was learning social etiquette.

Mother didn’t want her kid to get immersed into reading because he was too busy in learning other things like patience and structure building using lego. Mother wrote that her kid was checking the weights of various things by holding them in his hands. She said that it was too early for him to learn reading as he was busy in experiencing other things. The kid is learning how to exercise and chase goats. Mother wrote that her child would need a strong body to go through life thus she was giving him time to play outside for sake of his body. She explained that making a kid sit on the table the entire day was not good for his physical health.

Mother explained her kid activities in details, as she wrote that her kid is learning that what happens to books if they are left in rain. The kid is also learning to draw many things. He can draw spaceships and other monsters which his mother thinks is necessary for his grooming. Thus she decided to let her kid experience life closely without making him troubled by teaching him how to read.

Update: She decided to let her kid read after a year. She thought that delaying her kid to make him learn to read was better for his growth. The opinions of our readers are more than welcomed.

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