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Mom sells Xbox of cheating ex for merely £3 for taking revenge

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Playing games, is often related to the male gender. Most men have played almost every action thriller game, the most enjoyable of the games are those which allow a multiplayer approach. Therefore, multiplayer games with option to play online are often thought to be addictive in nature. Imagine depriving a man from gaming console, as something similar happened to a man who had cheated on a woman. The woman as a result sold his Xbox for merely £3. Now, this is quite a shame in the men community.

Mom sells Xbox of her ex, as he cheated on her

Selling an Xbox as a revenge isn’t something new, the same has happened in past with a lot of couples, however this isn’t something frequent. The advertisement for selling an Xbox was posted by Georgia Jackson, from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland. She went to Facebook and explained that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her and that’s why she had to sell his Xbox.

The mother of the one was with this guy for the last four years, until she discovered that the guy had cheated on her in 2016. Therefore in order to get her joy back, she posted an advertisement for selling the Xbox of her ex, she even added headphones with the deal. These headphones were worth £44. The Xbox console also cost around £186, so whoever got the deal must be feeling quite lucky.

Georgi Jackson ad to sell Xbox
She uploaded the advertisement on Facebook in order to get a buyer

She was later interviewed by TheSun and she shared the post for humiliating her ex online, as she thought it was a perfect thing which she could do, she felt happy doing so. She said that it was indeed a massive betrayal and she had to do something about this. Therefore in order to tease him more she decided to sell it instead of smashing the console. She said that she wasn’t expecting such an amazing response from the online community. Apparently woman thought that she would teach her ex a lesson by selling Xbox.

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