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Mom makes two sons walk ‘4 miles’ to school for being rude to bus-driver

Written by Wamiq Ali

Parenting is not an easy thing and one has to become a role model to the kids just to make them learn the right thing. The information technology has definitely taken a huge upgrade both in terms of utility and enjoyment. The kids can learn a lot from the television and internet as compared to their real-life parents. Certain times the communication gap between the kids and the parents is so real that they hardly can talk in proper details about the matters which pertain importance.

This mother has attempted to teach the right lesson to her kids. She has punished her kids for making fun of the school bus driver. The kids talked to the bus driver in a rude way and this mom didn’t like the tone and tenor. Thus, she decided to punish them and make them learn a lesson. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, a mom from Harrow, Ontario shared the updates which showed her drastic measures which she took for her kids to make them learn a lesson about respect.

The mother had received a complaint call from her boys’ school. “That drew the line for me! This morning we did a 7 km walk to show them what everyday will be like for them when they get kicked off the bus!“, she wrote in the post, “2 hours later they made it.

Int the pictures uploaded by the mom on Facebook the kids can be seen holding up the sings. “Being bad and rude to our busdriver! Moms makin us walk.” The kids walked around 7 km which is equivalent to four miles. The mother further added in the post that her older son learned the lesson but the younger one needed to walk another day.

Mother started receiving hate online for forcing her children learn the lesson. She got conscious and decided to call the Children’s Aid Society in order to explain the reason behind her actions. The CAS office according to Daily Mail hasn’t confirmed if they will investigate the case or leave it be. The manager at CAS commented that it was a logical reaction to have kids walk to school to show them the repercussions of acting up. However, she further added that public shaming wasn’t the best choice.

don’t want to judge or pretend to know all of the nuances of this situation with this parent, but [it’s] something to consider when we think about putting signs on kids that says what the bad behaviour is and putting them in a position where you take their picture and put it on social media.“, She said (Manager CAS)

The people asserted that simple shaming wasn’t going to motivate the children to do the better thing.

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