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Model pulled over in Mercedes tries to bargain her way out of police punishment

Written by Logical Men

A RUSSIAN model was taken into police custody and detained for 2 months today after she allegedly offered two of the policemen to do anything with her so that she could get away from being prosecuted for driving a vehicle without a license.

Kira Mayer, 24, is facing an investigation, which is criminal in nature, for causing physical injury to policemen in anger after she was pulled over in her Mercedes in Moscow. When she came to her senses, she offered officers anything with her in order to get away from the charges according to several sources.

Credits: East 2 West News

But the policemen were having none of it and arrested her immediately, according to a report. The Instagram model was reached for a comment, but she declined the request. In her court hearing, she was inside a metal cage and had her face covered, the court had to shift the hearing behind the closed doors due to the explicit details of the whole scenario were involved.

Credits: East 2 West News

The model is now facing a criminal investigation for her actions against the policemen who tried to stop her driving during a ban for another of offence that was committed previously. She then tried to grab the policeman’s protocol, according to the report, in which she also caused the injury to the police officer. She kicked the policeman in anger after she was told that she could not drive anymore.

Credits: East 2 West News

She was banned from driving any vehicle for 15 months because she left the scene of the accident previously. The police officer asked her to stop driving and that she was not able to do so any longer, she got triggered and started talking loudly. Moreover, she tried to snatch the documents out of the officer’s hands. In the process of doing so, she scratched the officer and then kicked both of them and started calling them names. She even tried to drive away but failed to do so.

When all hope seemed lost, she offered them intercourse – to which the officers declined and arrested her. She has about 148K followers on Instagram where she shares suggestive pictures. Her bio states: ‘When I get bored with my happy life, I will marry and suffer like all normal people.’

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