Model claims that she is too good and beautiful to find love; viewers call her self-obsessed

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A model, Jenna Thompson, made an appearance on This Morning show which got airee on 14th of May. A lot of models make appearance on the TV shows and their appears to be nothing new in this regards. However, Jenna Thompson’s appearance was a little different. She said that she was single and added that her single status was because of the good looks. She called herself too good to enter into any relationship.

Surprisingly this was not always the case, she is a mother of two children and she broke up with her male-partner a couple of years back. After exiting the relationship, dating has proved to be an utter disaster for Jenna Thompson. In an explanation which she gave to the presenters, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, she said that she intimidated nice guys. She further added that because of her good looks she was only able to attract those guys who wanted only one thing – but not her love and passion. She said, “No one is looking for anyone that serious.”

However, contrary to her claims, the viewers who watched the show didn’t agree with her. Most of the viewers called her self obsessed. One person called her beautiful but he also added an alternate narrative, saying the beauty comes from within rather than the exterior. Those with a little harsher comments said that Jenna had a case of inflated ego.

Jenna revealed further that her friends were trying hard to set her up for any potential date as they didn’t want her to remain single. She also shared a short story of betrayal when a man dated her for some time and eventually revealed that he was already married. He even fell down when he tried to chase Jenna, after she left in anger. Holly then went ahead to let viewers know that Jenna’s friend had suggested her to tone herself down in order to settle for a relationship.

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