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MIT disobedience award being given to #MeToo leaders

Written by Logical Men

MIT award is being given to the women who were influential in #MeToo movement. As everyone knows that this #MeToo movement started and was fueled by those elements who disenfranchised women of their rights. Many years ago, women talking about their rights was considered as a taboo. However, the advent of internet has made it easier for women to show their concerns and share it with the outside world, through internet.

This MIT award which has been given to the leaders of #MeToo campaign is carrying a $250,000 cash prize which is funded by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. This means a great honor for those who are going to receive this prize. This prize is going to be shared by Tarana Burke, BethAnn McLaughlin and Sherry Marts. McLaughlin and Marts have worked hard to combat harassment in the science fields whereas Burke is an activist who had first used this phrase ‘Me Too‘.

This award means that the recipients have carried out an effective disobedience across disciplines like scientific research, civil rights, freedom of speech and human rights. This award is to make them feel strong and to give hopes to other ‘Me Too’ campaigners across the globe who might be thinking to come up to the public platform for sake of getting their rights. The same award was given to two people last year. These two people had exposed the details of problems rising from the lead-tainted water in Flint, Michigan. Thus this award is given to those who serve the society in a way by going out of the way. Mostly people go out of the way when it’s of their own benefit while quite a few do it without any benefits.

Women all around the world now have  a way to show their anger through the #MeToo. They can ask their rights to be made equal to the men. This is important because one woman can become a backbone of an entire society. She has kids to raise and she can help them become a better human.

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