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Miserable Popeyes Employee filmed high as kite in Drive-Thru & customers get a free meal

This guy who works at Popeyes was filmed high as hell in the Drive-Thru and surely he needs some help. We don’t know yet which drugs he took, might be shrooms, acid or what so ever, but still his condition was quite miserable. It’s quite sad that the guy relied on some sort of drugs to omit something out of his life, may be he took something during his lunch break. Definitely overdosing on something took this guy in a deep shock.

Two customers went on to a Popeyes Driver-Thru. They wanted to get something to eat so they ordered their meal. Suddenly, a guy appeared in the window who was high as kite. He shouted something in the window and looked to the left as if he saw something. Then he turned back and moved to the center of the Popeyes shop. Later, he turned back to the windows again, shouting something similar, this time he returned back to the initial spot in the shop.

The high employee kept on making trips inside the shop. The other employees tried to control the guy but he was totally out of the control. It was these customers who came to Drive-Thru for the meal & suggested to give him some water. These customers also started filming the guy and today it’s their courtesy that we’re able to see this online. Have a look at the video, and don’t feel sad about the guy, may be one of you can visit the Popeyes outlet and help the guy. This happened in Houston, Texas. 

The guy’s condition is miserable. It’s on the other hand also unethical to film someone in such a misery. The customers, in the end, got a free meal and the other woman who was working at Popeyes shut down the window for any other deliveries. Definitely, they got scared from the high guy.

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