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Mining the moon: A rushed urge to colonise it for energy & monetary needs of the earth?

Science has progressed a lot and in the recent times, space exploration is a thing. If I’m not wrong then the idea of space exploration took birth the day Right Brothers decided to travel in the air. Definitely one can argue that Copernicus around 17th century might have some dream of going beyond the Earth; in that case, Right Brother expedited the idea of space travel; if not they were responsible for giving it a birth.

The Lessons of History is a book written by Will Durrant, while reading its chapter on economics, it seems that every great movement and idea had some economic perspective which made its innovators put their utmost efforts for its success. The post World War 2 world, decided to unite which culminated as a result of European Union in West and Association South East Asian Nations in the East, these regional alliances were motivated because of economic gains.

Coming back to the space, moon is an important part of the earth. The nights might not have been beautiful if it weren’t for the moon to borrow some sunlight. Mining at moon is a radical idea, just like the days when Copernicus asserted a heliocentric universe. No one was ready to believe his ideas, at this very moment, mining at moon might intrigue some people. However, the developed nations are looking at the huge metal reserves which moon might be hiding. This might be a motivation behind the current rush of space exploration activities. India is also rushing to launch a space mission to the moon. Jim Bridenstine in a statement, who is a NASA administrator, has said that mining at moon would be possible this century. Rare metals are expected to be taken from moon and invested into the earth, colonisation of moon can be a new term of the future. Besides rare earths, Helium on the moon can be a major source of powering the Earth. Helium-3 isotope from the moon can be a safer energy source for the Earth needs.

The decision of the future of mining and its economic linkages are to be left on the readers, because come-on we are going to enter into a new age, future is now.

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