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Miniature calf weighs merely 4.5kg same as a domestic cat, tipped as ‘world’s smallest cow’

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This world is full of wonders, with the help of science a few things are understandable while the rest are yet to be discovered. In the last 200 years, science has made quite a lot of progress and this is all because of the hard work of certain people who believed in magic. A few days back, a cow with the name of Knickers had become viral on the internet because of its huge size.

This article is about a calf which only weighs the size of a cat. Little Bill is merely 1/10th the size of the normal calves which are mostly found in pastures and routine life. It weighs merely 4.5 kilograms. This is both unique and astonishing for most of the people. Bill was taken to a research enter in Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine just because its owners thought that something was out of the line. They were worried after looking at the structure of this ‘small cow’.

Later when the experts did a thorough checkup of the Bill, it was found that it was perfectly healthy and there was nothing wrong with the animals. All the health parameters were perfectly fine. Everyone was quite astonished after they saw the size of this little cow.

The research department thanked everyone for the love they received from the internet. They don’t plan to make a separate page for this animal but they will update the public on their regular Facebook page. The vets were quite overwhelmed with the size of the Bill. They were not expecting that a calf so small in size was actually possible. The internet fell in love with the cuteness of this calf and everyone asked the owners to constantly share the updates regarding Bill.

Did you fall in love with the cuteness of Bill?

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