Millionaire NFL Heiress smacks lawyer with her glass purse in anti-Semitic attack

Written by Wamiq Ali

This millionaire heiress has been accused of smacking down a lawyer using her glass purse in an anti-semantic attack. She slurred the 77-year-old grandmother before attacking the woman’s son outside a restaurant on the Eve of New Year. She appeared in the criminal court on Thursday as she got charged with assault.

The millionaire girl was dragged-off the scene hand-cuffed after she assaulted the lawyer. Jacqueline Coke, 29-year-old, indulged in the fight on Wednesday afternoon and got arrested later. She later spent the entire night in the jail before the police made her appearance in the court the next morning. The girl currently faces a felony charge of assault with an intent to cause bodily harm to the victim.

The attendees of the court were shocked to watch the girl unaffected from the entire proceedings of the court. She showed no emotions during the hearing despite the fact that she could face up to 7 years behind the bar.

Ms Cooke is the daughter of Jack Kent Cooke who had at one time massive shares in the Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings.

The girl was released on her own recognizance on Thursday and she will appear in the court for the proceedings in the next month. The girl is ordered to stay away from the victim.

Jackqueline Cooke, 29-year-old appearing before the court in Manhattan

She was handcuffed at the scene of the fight and was dragged to the jail. The pictures below can be seen to understand her circumstances of the arrest.

Ms Cooke taken to the jail handcuffed

Cooke is currently accused of attacking Matthew Haberkorn, 52-year-old, outside the eatery Caravaggio on the New Year Eve. According to the lawyer who got assaulted, the tension between Ms Cooke and his mother fostered when his mother tried to get back her coast after eating at Caravaggio.

Hurry Up, Jew! Hurry up! I got places to be.” – shouted Ms Cooke according to the lawyer. So, the guy decided to confront the girl for calling out racial slurs. Later, according to lawyer’s statement, he got bashed in the head with a mirrored Lulu Guinness clutch at around 11:45 pm. The lawyer lives with his family in Redwood City, California.

You called me a f***ing bitch, you called me a c**t – shouted Ms Cooke while laying down on the ground (as can be seen in the video)

In the video which was taken by a girl, the lawyer can be seen bleeding from the head just after the assault. The boyfriend of Ms Cooke tried hard to condone off his girlfriend from the lawyer but still, somehow he took a full swing and threw her down on the ground.

In the above video, Ms Cooke can be seen sitting on the floor and later getting up to attack the lawyer, meanwhile, her boyfriend tries hard to keep things under control.

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