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Millennials are watching American Pie and getting offended by it

Written by Logical Men

Many viewers might not consider American Pie as a good movie, but a lot of others might love to contradict. It is a series in which dark humour is featured at its finest. Every punch is well thought and scripted with the real life. For a lot of kids who grew up in 90s American Pie was quite a big deal.

The movie features teenagers as they struggled through their formative years. The movie depicts the right kind of struggle and tries to bring forward the issues faced by teenagers. It also shows the love and friendship which teenagers can develop with each others. A lot of people took this movie as taboo while others learned valuable lessons.

The main characters of the movie were later cast in different movies of the humorous genre and they Brough around a new series of movies targeted to specific audience. The genre was fun and it lasted for a longer time. The taste of people is changed.

A lot of people are now re-watching the movie. The first part was released around 20 years ago. The people re-watching the movie are finding the jokes to be pretty offensive. They feel that the jokes are not right and outdated. They find it uncomfortable to watch the movie. There were many scenes in the movie which had caused controversy in those days. A woman being filmed and getting broadcasted online was something which was quite controversial.

Twitter was flooded with the comments of the people who re-watched the movie and termed it as a gross production. Many people are blaming that only guys are going to enjoy such movies. They believe that such a movie is lopsided. This means that the movie has not aged well. With a lot of viewers translating the movie as horrible and inappropriate, there is nothing which can be done.

The Friends was another show which came under the fire because of its outdated jokes. They can’t bear the type of jokes the sitcom shows towards the LGBT community.

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