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Millennial takes selfie following train accident, sparks outrage!

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A disgusting moment, to say the least when a man captured a selfie while making a victory sign as a woman got severely injured on railway tracks behind him.

He was posing for the photo when a team of paramedics was rushing to tend to the poor woman’s injuries, who was unlucky enough to get hit by a fast-moving train at Piacenza station in northern Italy.

A well-known Italian journalist Giorgio Lambri condemned the action by sharing this photo online with a caption that read: ‘We have lost our sense of ethics, completely.’

The selfie-taker can be seen in the photo wearing white shorts and a t-shirt, he is posing to his phone as he shamelessly takes the photo. He was making a V-for-victory sign as the paramedics were desperately trying to treat the woman in the background of his photo.

The female victim, assumed to be Canadian, was unlucky enough to fall from the platform on to the railway and a train happened to be moving on the pathway on May 26. The poor soul needed a leg amputation due to the incident once she was rushed to the nearby hospitals.

According to a report, the police approached the guy and ordered him to delete the picture at once. The picture posted by the journalist went viral and even covered by the national media. It sparked a outrage amongst the public who are labeling the act as ‘absurd’ and shameful.

Nicola Savino, a radio host, told listeners in anger that the human race was galloping towards extinction. Meanwhile, a local reader said: ‘This woman has just been hit by a train in Piacenza. She will lose a leg. This imbecile is taking a selfie.’

Another responded by saying: ‘There is little hope left in humanity when you see that a witness takes a shameful selfie with a woman hit by a train and who’ll be amputated shortly after.’

And one simply said: ‘So sad we have forgotten our humanity.’
The Italian journalist Lambri wrote a piece about his photo in Italian newspaper Liberta, under the headline: ‘The barbarism you don’t expect: the ‘selfie’ in front of a tragedy.’

He then uploaded it his Facebook page, along with the caption: ‘Houston, we’ve got a problem.’

The guy who took the question was taken in for questioning, but as of this moment, it is believed that no charge is being put against him.

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