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Military theme park lets guests crush cars with tanks, fire machine guns, & more!

I can merely imagine the thrill which this military-themed park can offer to its guests. This company is making a lot of money by allowing people to live their military dreams in the reality. I think crushing a car with a tank is the kind of thought which always comes in a person’s mind while being stuck in traffic for hours. Crushing everything in the path, indeed an adrenaline type of thing!

Well, this can actually be accomplished in real life without causing an actual harm by actually destroying & crushing vehicles using tanks. Tony Borglum, the guy behind this idea, he actually bought a truck. He didn’t stop with one truck, he kept on buying them and now he lets you drive them to have that amazing military experience.

‘Borglum’s Drive a Tank’, a company which allows civilians to have military experience navigating through the vast land of Kasota, Minn. It’s a place which has been long abandoned, a stone quarry mined during the late 1800s. Guests can actually crush down the rusted vehicles and other detritus while cruising around the site on tanks.

We’ve crushed cars and motor homes. We’ve even driven tanks through barns on special occasions, you name it, it’s doable. – said Borglum

Borglum is a heavy equipment contractor by profession and from the very beginning a sports enthusiast, by interest. He was travelling to England to purchase Ferret Scout Car and that’s when he conceived Drive A Tank in 2006. He spent a day at Northamptonshire-based Tanks-A-Lot which offers an off-road tank driving course. It was the same experience which made him bring the idea of Drive a Tank to the States.

The company was launched in 2010 and since then he has now a 60-ton Chieftain MK10 battle tank, an FV433 Abbot self-propelled gun and an FV432 armoured personnel carrier. Other than this he boasts a growing collection of historic and modern-day machine guns.

I can’t express it in words, so you better watch this detailed video on Drive a Tank.

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