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Military stocks see HUGE LOSSES post KOREAN peace, USA at wrong end?

History was made few weeks ago when the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un stepped foot on the South Korean soil, it was the first time since the Korean War that a North Korean leader has visited South Korea.

This move stunned the world – no one expected this in their wildest dreams let alone thought about it becoming a reality.

This move was a landmark not only for the Korean peace but for the global peace as well. Almost everyone seems to be reacting positive towards this improvement but not all.

The military stocks responded in free fall – which is not a surprise per se.

But the military-industrial complex is probably not worried about their stocks’ current condition, because the industry whose profits are dependent on wars is always booming as there are always wars happening around the globe.

However, this shows the huge incentive for the promotion of these wars and it also shows how much this profitability affects the global politics.

The weapons and ammunitions industry makes billions of dollars by selling its products to the countries at war.

The thing about these dealers of arms is that they do not take any sides or think about the right people or wrong people – to put it into simple words they don’t have any moral codes, all they care about is making money.

For these people peace is bad for business, because if all the countries at peace who would buy their weapons?

Due to the recent events that took place which are indicating towards the peaceful world, these companies saw a little bit of lost in their value.

Following are the stock charts for some of the top of the war business defense corporations, all of them had almost identical decrease in their stock value.

The above trend was for Lockheed Martin, the similar trend could be seen for Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics and L3 Technologies. The image has been taken from TheMindUnleashed.

Last year, many executives were actually celebrating the news of war since they knew the industry will bloom.

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