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Mia Khalifa trolled after she gives up her shotgun to a police officer in wake of peace

Miss Khalifa is famous for doing things which often get her back in the news. She has a reputation of releasing the most wanted details using her social media and personal reputation. The actress rose in her career after she released her videos through the famous adult industry of the Canada.

Recently, America is facing some queer cases of school incidents which are being instigated by children influenced by weapons. Mia Khalifa took a jab at the incidents and declared that she would give up her shotgun. She fulfilled her claim and a few week back she gave her last remaining self defense paraphernalia to a police officer.

She shared her picture and posed with the police officer while she gave up the defense tool. The officer seemed a bit happy while posing with Khalifa.

Unfortunately, Mia’s action was not well received in the public who does not favour giving up self defense. A lot of NRA’s resolutions were simply not accepted because the general public was not in favour. Many self-defense supporters claimed that Mia was trying to get back in news with her move, which they deemed stupid.

A snap updated was shared by the 25yo star. In the snap she told the general public that she had given up her self-defense tool to clear up her security rack at home in wake of children who had died in the school level provoked incidents. Mia said that she was not against second amendment rather she gave up just because she cared for children lives.

The incidents like the one happened in Santa Fe school has jolted almost everyone. The teenagers are trying to hunt down their fellow agers for queer reasons. The actress said that her action was small and symbolic but atleast she did something. She praised police for their efficiency in collecting the general public security paraphernalia.

On Twitter, people started criticizing Mia for ger action. They lambasted the actress for giving up on her security in wake of children. Then people did not welcome the notion of giving up any sort of security equipment voluntarily.

Many scolded Mia for making it a publicity stunt for the world to see. They accused her that more stupid people would follow her steps which might prove to be detrimental for overall self-security.

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