Men talk to boycott Gillette ad because of its nod to #MeToo campaign

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There is a controversy regarding the gender distribution, today the world witnesses an unlimited number of genders. Many people identify themselves with genders other than the two known, man or woman. Just after the #meToo campaign the other controversy which hit the media is Gillette ad. The advertisement uses quite an old title, ‘The Best a Man Can Get” however it has stirred online backlash because of its nod to the #MeToo campaign. The men are reportedly gathering around to see a ban to the ad. The advertisement conveys a message that men are often accused of bad behaviour on the grounds that ‘men will be men.’ This places the liability of teaching on the men themselves, however the ad through its visual documentary claims that the boys should be taught by their older counterparts. The ad says that the boys should be given advise by the older men for not getting to violence, harassment and action against the women.

The ad seems to kind of claim that the women had been forever harassed and played by their male counterparts. Further, it signals that the persons behind such discrimination were excused. However, those people along with other boys should have been educated by the older men regarding proper parenting, setting good examples, and exercising chivalry. Now, it appeared that the ad felt like motivating men to teach the boys the right thing. This classroom like duty and motivation might seem right to a lot of people residing in today’s world. However, instead of praise the ad seems to have earned more criticism. The video ad which was shared on the social media earned more dislikes.

Men took it as a relegation of the masculine role

The ad was criticized by many people as they thought that it was indeed a relegation of the men role. Some men decided to criticize the video ad, as the company decided to prop-up future generation for a mild approach towards gender related issues. The ad propagates that the boys should not be excused on the basis of gender. The good manners and chivalry must be exercised. According to the ad, the male people should educate themselves on their own without waiting for someone else from the outside to take the step. Gillette has definitely touched a sensitive issue and this is going to take some time before settling. Watch the ad and decide for your own self.

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