Men are more satisfied by their ‘bromances’ than the romantic relationships, claims study

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Relationships are an important part of life. These relationships can be in any form, whether a friend, boyfriend, mother or father. Human being is a social animal, thus it’s necessary for him to wield relationships. There are different genders which are known in this world and a study recently studied men. The perspective which they wanted to learn about men was relationships. The study results are indeed revolutionary. Study claimed that men enjoy and get satisfaction from bromances unlike their personal romantic relationships. The study didn’t completely disregarded romantic relationships but it claimed that the degree of satisfaction which men obtained from their bromances was more when compared with the satisfaction obtained from their romantic relationships.

The study as a result created waves among the young men. This was something which they felt for years but this study has substantiated their claims. The study authors have observed that intimate friendships have become the recent norm. They took this as a positive outcome however they also noticed that this particular trend meant lesser importance of romantic relationships. The shift could lead towards a weaker bond between married couples and potential dates. 

The concept of bromance is something which everyone understands in 21st century. The history tells us that George Washington wrote good amount of letters to his other male friends. Even in normal life every one has friends which know a lot about their personality, as in they know the secrets. The researchers from the University of Winchester claimed that with the passage of time, especially in 20th century, such relationships between male friends couldn’t be carried to new heights. Closer relationships of bromance started to get considered as a social taboo. 

However, in recent times of 21st century the researchers observed the revival of such relationships. They noted that bromances have become cool again because of the movies like The 40-year-old virgin and because of the involvement of the celebrities in real life. The control group to carry out this research included 30 men from the second-year of college. The group was homogenous. 

These males reported of having at least one bromantic friend with whom they could share everything. They said that they had no boundaries of secret sharing and uncontrolled behavior with that one person. The author of the study had also shared such findings in a journal named Sex Roles.

The participants also revealed that they were shy to share many things with their girlfriend because they were afraid she would judge them, however they felt quite okay while sharing their little intimate secrets with their bros. This one study has opened up various degrees of freedom for the current research scenario. In general, boys felt more better while sharing their secrets with the same gender friends.

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