Melon for $22,500? The Expensive Japanese Melons

Who knew melons could be a pricey commodity? Getting raised up in an Asian country, all I knew about melons is that these are a cheap commodity, grown in abundance and served during summers. Japanese tradition in on the contrary. Melons in Japan are considered tantamount to precious metals. These are termed as luxury items, so next time you want to gift someone a thing, prefer to gift him the expensive Japanese melons.

The reality behind expensive melons in Japan

Melons in Japan are not only admired for their looks, but also for their perfect taste. Melons are grown with care in Japan and unlike any other country, growing melons is termed a serious business. Talking about a beautiful variety, Crown Melons in Japan are the most cherished and renowned varieties.

The particular melons are grown in a farm located in Shizuoka prefecture. It’s located in central Japan, as reported by Business Insider. Each melon costs around $200. These highly priced melons are grown with utmost care. The farmers provide these melons constant care and environment to grow. Families who are involved in this business are doing it for past many decades.

According to reports, each melon takes around hundred days to grow. Modern technology helps farmers grow the fruit all around the year. Environmental control is an important aspect of these melons, heat, humidity and water provisions are controlled. Raised beds are used which allow the farmers to control these growth factors which are critical to the quality of these melons.

Different grades of Japanese expensive melons

These melons come with grades. There are four grades for these expensive crown-Japanese-melons. Fuji, yama, shiro and yuki are the four grades. If a melon is having a minor defect, then it’s named as yuki. On the contrary, 55% melons make to the shiro grade, 25% fall in yama. Fuji is the most rare, 1 in 1000 melons is graded as fuji. Therefore, Fuji is the most premium Japanese melon.

The expensive nature and upbringing of Fuji

As it has been established that Fuji is among the best kind of melons available in Japan; therefore, some extra care and investment is required for their growth. The work involves manual labour. The effort is not about getting the perfect taste out of Fuji but also about getting the appearance right.

The fruits after growing up on each plant are carefully wrapped in white paper. This is done to protect their outer skin. Once the net pattern appears on top of these fruits, the efforts are further multiplied, which includes polishing the melons. These melons are polished and covered to protect them from the sun rays.

Farmers wear different grades of gloves to polish these melons. There is an agriculture cooperatives company which keeps a check on the melon growers called The Shizuoka Crown Melon company. This regulatory kind of body keeps a check on 200 farmers. They ensure perfection.

Who buys these costly Japanese melons?

Now, these melons are pretty costly; therefore, this easily makes to the list of elite products. The growth and polishing part is over, now let’s focus on the buyers. There is a huge market of these melons in Japan. Gift sending is one aspect of this huge market, to appear sophisticated and rich, people in Japan gift these melons pretty often.

These melons are often boxed in pretty appearances and the presentation is a gift in its own. A few are even sold for $45,000. In the beginning of the season, the perfect fruits are auctioned off. Rich people like to participate in these auctions. These are sought like a trophy. Almost every year, a new record buyer appears and purchases these melons for pretty high price.

The trend shows these pricey Japanese melons are going to go viral with the passage of time. The wealthy millionaires are not going to leave these melons alone for any time soon. Reminds me about all the hunger in Africa, well.

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