Meghan Markle reportedly wants to break the internet; she cares more about publicity in US

It appears that Duchess of Sussex wants to break the internet as shared by a news. The actress has hired a PR company and some secretive talks have been revealed by the sources closer to it. The princess has reportedly told the PR company that she wants to ‘break the internet’.

Meghan Markle shared her desired, reportedly, while having an interview with the PR agency. Daily Mail reported that the princess is more concerned about her image in the US as compared to her reputation as a royal in UK.

Looking into more details regarding Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry, it becomes pretty clear that the new couple has broken many rules of the royal family in London. They are involved in a number of projects which are pretty new to the traditional values of their family. Meghan’s guest editorial in UK version of Vogue magazine is also something new if compared with the royal routine.

According to sources, Meghan is more interested in raising a team of workers who would rather help her break shackles of traditionally. The planned team would reportedly work on things about which the couple is more passionate.

Another source, while talking to The Sun has said that the princess is seeking advice from a PR company named Sunshine Sachs and the process is ongoing secretively for weeks. She finally decided to hire them for the launch of her Vogue Magazine guest edit.

The princess, according to the sources, was so concerned about her new strategy during the meetings with PR company, that she reportedly said, “I want to break the internet.” Further, she also wanted maximum coverage in America, despite representing in a UK version of mag.

A debate arises after these reported meetings of the royal with a PR firm, something which is definitely not common in the royals of UK. What Meghan told her PR agency is pretty much honest in a way but looking it from a royal lens, it seems bizarre.

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