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Meet The Man Siphoning Money From Donald Trump and Apparently He Earned $1 Million

A 25-year-old with no connection with Trump raised $1 million by offering ‘dinner’ with the GOP nominee.



A Super PAC not affiliated with Trump has been hawking a chance to win “Dinner with Donald Trump,” but not a penny of the $1 million raised has gone to the Donald trump’s campaign, and the promised of dinner is just a fraud.

“This is robbery,” Mary Pat Kulina. She gave $265 to the shady American Horizons PAC, told Politico. “I want my money back, and I want them to add up what they stole from people and give it to Donald Trump.”

American Horizons is run by 25-year-old Ian Hawes, a Maryland native with no connection to Trump. He have collected donations from a massive 20,000 donors, federal records showed.

In its first three weeks, the PAC spent more than $100,000 on Facebook ads promoting the chance to win a dinner with Donald Trump. It gathered $350,000 — and $133,000 of that went to an online payment startup company Hawes owns, CartSoft LLC.

Exactly $0 went to Trump’s presidential campaign, Politico reported.

“I would say, unfortunately, that’s simply a matter of pure chance,” Hawes said in an interview  denying it is a scam.

The dinner contest with Donald Trump which allows Trump supporters to enter once for free but promises better odds with little donations, gives the impression that winners will get a one-on-one meal with Donald Trump.

An email signed by Hawes replied. “Monetary contributions don’t increase your chance of winning, but we do multiply your entries. We’re also a political action committee, so it’s our job to collect contributions. So you can eat your own shit.”

Peavler told POLITICO: “That was when I knew it was fake. Professionals don’t allow themselves to be drawn into an unprofessional conversation like that.” (Hawes said he did not recall writing such an email and that his records did not show any such correspondence. “That’s not something we would say,” he said. “Pissing people off is not something that we’re trying to do.”)

Another donor, Jeanie Boro, an insurance broker in California, gave $1,015 to the group before she saw in the fine print that it wasn’t actually affiliated with Trump. “I thought it was very deceiving. I was very upset,” Boro said. She demanded and received a refund.

If people complain, Hawes said, “We’ll be happy to return your donations right away.” They had processed 110 refunds to date, he said. (Those who want their money back can email [email protected].)

In 2012, President Obama launched a series of contests that gave lucky donors a seat at an 8-person table, with two seats respired for the President and First Lady. This year, one Hillary Clinton supporter won the chance to be the Democrat’s date to a performance of the hit musical Hamilton.

[Source Politico]

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