Meet the First Woman Gen. to lead to U.S. army infantry Division

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Woman empowerment has taken some pace as a happy news just came in, Brig. Gen. Laura Yeager is to become the first woman to learn an army infantry division. She would be commanding the same brigade which once her father commanded in the past, definitely this is a huge achievement and a source of pride for the Brig. Gen. Laura Yeager. All of this is because of the woman rights, self empowerment and gradual advancements of the women. The history was not the same but the present now serves as a good outlet for equal rights of the women.

This brave soldier has serves since 1986 and she was sent to the missions in Iraq. The valour of this woman is not hidden and everyone recalls her as a strong solider. Yeager has so far received legion of merit, bronze star and meritorious service medal.

Congrats Madam!

Was it always the same? Women getting a leading role?

Once, the women were the most vulnerable group in our society, and the number one priority for any woman was to become a better housewife. She didn’t think beyond her home. Until a few good name rose and decided to talk about the rights of the women, their agenda included: Women must lead our communities, because we cannot be expected to get maximum productivity without the women. The view made women think that their community must not be a place for them to hide from the society, but a place for them to be safe and empowered, to be a part of the community that is safe for our everyone.

We can make a difference for women by taking action to empower, empower and empower their voices, not by making excuses or scapegoating. The appointment of Brig. Gen. Laura Yeager is a representative of the same fact. There is more room for betterment, even today, however, we are sure that with the passage of time, men would be more friendly to offer leading roles to the women.

Pewsocialtrends states that the share of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies rose to the all time high in 2017 i-e 6.4%.

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