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Meet man who wears high heels with his business suit, feels confident & empowered

Ankles Up, this guy looks like any other man in the Sydney who tends to arrive at his office every day. But down there if you look at this choice of the footwear then you will be left in surprise, this particular choice makes him different from the rest of the office going crowd.

When Ashley Maxwell-Lam gets ready for his office as a project manager in the insurance industry, he never leaves his home without wearing a pair of stiletto heels. This decision didn’t come without a detailed working, the transition took place when one of Ashley’s co-worker, a tall female, told him that wearing high heels gives her confidence and empowerment.

‘I thought about it and went to a shoe store and tried them on and it was if a light bulb switched on’ he recently told The Project. ‘I felt confident, I felt invincible, I felt empowered; like I could take on anything and do anything.’ Ashley has grown his collection of such wearables to around 9 and he plans on increasing it further. He told the news agency that at first approaching his boss with this particular subject was quite scary and felt absurd. Ashley knew that the benefits were going to outweigh any potential criticism.

Man with shoes!

However, with time he was able to adjust to this new routine of different attire. He now describes his combination of office attire as a rather ‘dapper feminine’, this term is as unique as the guy behind the shoe.

What would you call him? Do you think that he’s okay while following something unusual or you think that we should leave the subject and must move onto something more productive? Don’t forget to give your comments!

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