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Meet Japanese girl who drew 29,249 number of smiles on 49 postcards to drain a ballpoint, WHY?

Written by Wamiq Ali

Asuka Sato shared on her twitter an insane amount of paper drawn smiles. She conducted a free study to find the number of smiles which a standard ballpoint can make after running out of the ink. 

Tweet Says: “Conclusion – The amount of ink of one ballpoint pen is 29249 smile. # Summer vacation # Free study” – @satowasuka – 29 July, 2017

Buzz Feed news interviewed this Japanese super woman, who is a pen created by profession. She said, “As I was bored with my college classes, I spent four years writing with glove balloons and I love to draw fine pictures.”

After she became a graduate, she started creating pens. She works with literary companies and provides them goods. The reason she created this much number of smiles was that he was obsessed with ballpoints. Since her profession is to create ball points so she wanted to get his facts straight. She also wanted to do summer things without going out, so this was a perfect idea.

One postcard with smiles drawn

It took her six days to complete the whole study. Looks like she drew smiles for hours with such cleanliness on the post cards. She posted her progress on Twitter. Every day she used to draw smiles on the post card then she snapped it and uploaded it on Twitter.

From day 1 to the last day

Twitter users instantly started tweeting her progress. Someone asked if she got bored during the process but her answer was in negative. She thinks it as a way to increase concentration. She did major smiles while listening to the radio or music. The ink started to diminish after twenty-two and nine thousand two hundred and ninety-nine smiles were drawn on 49 post cards.

She said that she has a lot of smiles but still she can’t choose the best because it’s parallel to choosing the best child when you are a mother of many children.

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